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About Us

Who We Are and What We Offer

The Global Creative Community Branding And Marketing Academy (GCC BMA) is specially designed for Independent Authors and Creative Professionals. 

For authors: completing your manuscript is just the first step. You have to brand yourself as an author and market your book(s).

For creative professionals: "if you build (create) it, they will come" is not a marketing strategy.

In the GCC BMA, we will work together to maximize your branding and marketing influence and authority through online training, small group coaching, and networking opportunities.

(The course bundles are available on a payment plan!)

Keith Owens and Pamela Hilliard Owens founded TeamOwens313 in December 2007 and eventually opened four separate but related businesses and two podcasts. 

  • 2008: Writing It Right For You (WIRFY)

  • 2012: Detroit Ink Publishing (DIP)

  • 2014: Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C)

  • 2021: The Global Creative Community (GCC)


Keith is an award-winning journalist, a published fiction author, and a communications specialist.

Pamela is an award-winning educator, a published nonfiction author, and a creative solopreneur.

Together, Keith and Pamela bring decades of valuable and hands-on experience to the Global Creative Community Branding and Marketing Academy.

We look forward to working with you!

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The Benefits of GCC BMA Membership

Become a part of a Global Creative Community: It's in Our Name!

  • Customized Online Course Bundles with Group Networking

  • Monthly Zoom Small Group Coaching Sessions

  • Valuable Books and Digital Resources Available

Ash P., New Zealand: WIRFY

“Pamela exceeded well beyond my expectations: very friendly and VERY professional. I hired her twice and would hire her again. "

Chez R., Minnesota: WIRFY

"From the very first email, Pamela impressed me with her kindness, precision, and professionalism. I highly recommend her services."

Karen C., Michigan: YB2C

“Thank you so much for guiding me through the steps to set up my consulting business and for being such a great mentor!”

Anthony V., Australia: YB2C

“Pam has a great approach to business and outstanding communication and writing skills. Over a period of 18 months, she delivered on every promise and I highly recommend her."

Lakelia L., Michigan: DIP

"I was looking for an editor for my first book when I found Pamela on Google. Looking through her profile, she seemed like a superwoman! She was very professional and kept me updated. "

Anton K., Thailand: YB2C

“Pamela is an amazing person who helped me to get my position known in the international travel and hospitality area, especially because English is my 3rd language. I thank her for her understanding and patience.”

Check Out All of Our Courses and Books!

Keith and Pam have published several fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction books.

We also have customized 7-course bundles for independent authors and cretiv professionals. We also have networking groups for you! Payment plans are available.

Choose Your Course Bundle

  • Author & Book Marketing 7-Course Bundle

    Experience the synergy of knowledge, creativity, and camaraderie in our included course community.
    • Bonus Course: Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Course 1: Preparing Your Manuscript For Your Editor
    • Course 2: Building Your Author Brand
    • Course 3: Marketing Your Author Brand
    • Course 4: Building Your Marketing Team
    • Course 5: Selling Your Books With or Without Amazon
    • Course 6: Preparing For Your Book Opportunities
  • Essential Creative Marketing 7-Course

    Experience the synergy of knowledge, creativity, and camaraderie in our included course community.
    • Bonus Course: Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Course 1: Developing Your Creative Brand
    • Course 2: Building Your Creative Brand
    • Course 3: Identifying Your Clients and Customers
    • Course 4: Maximizing Your Messages
    • Course 5: Mastering Your Marketing
    • Course 6: Shaping Your Social Media

The #1 Book for the Branding And Marketing Academy

The "Branding and Marketing For The Rest Of Us" Book

Introducing "The Branding And Marketing For The Rest Of Us Book" - your ultimate guide to effectively promote and market yourself and your offerings. Packed with valuable insights and practical tips, this book is perfect for creative professionals at any stage of their business journey. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll discover strategies to enhance your brand and reach your target audience. Unlock the power of branding and marketing to propel your creative business forward. Don't miss out on this invaluable resource!

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