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"The Mayonnaise Murders" Volumes 1, 2, and 3 as a set.

On Planet 10, mayonnaise is illegal. Used as an essential ingredient in the highly addictive drug MayoMadd, mayonnaise has long been banned for the safety of the colonies which has been free of the MayoMadd craze for years. So then where did the mayonnaise come from? And who had enough pull to sneak it back in? Or is somebody manufacturing it, and if so where are they getting the ingredients? And who is behind the new drug Roscoe 21? Why is this happening?

That’s what Vid, a dry-witted detective from Planet 10’s wretched Vivacious 5 sector, has to find out together with his partner Vee, the former star news reporter from The Daily Screamer. Vee comes fully equipped with no shortage of attitude and an arsenal of quick comebacks wrapped in as much barbed wire as humor.

What they eventually uncovered could have been the biggest story of Vee’s career. Unfortunately, it could also pose one of the biggest threats to Earth’s purebred population whose hated existence is being targeted by a revenge-obsessed army of freakish chicken/human hybrids originally created for experimental purposes by purebred scientists and then disposed of – except for those who managed to survive the purge.
A chicken’s revenge can be a terrible thing.

The Mayonnaise Murders Trilogy

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